International Conference on Colour Harmony

Budapest, Hungary

April 24-26, 2007


Hungarian National Colour Committee
International Foundation Light and Colour


Technical Sciences Section, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Association of Hungarian Fine Arts and Applied Arts

Conference Venue

Main building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1051 Budapest, Rosevelt tér 9.

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Ábrahám, György (Hungary)
Prof. Albert-Vanel, Michel (France)
Prof. Albrecht, Hans Joachim (Germany)
Alessi, Paula (USA)
Prof. Dr. Caivano, Jose Luis (Argentina)
Prof. Dr. Carter, Ellen (USA)
Prof. Dr. Cságoly, Ferenc (Hungary)
Prof. Fredriksen, Hilmar (Norway)
Prof. Dr. Green-Armytage, Paul (Australia)
Prof. Ikeda, Mitsuo (Japan)
Prof. Dr. Kehlibarov, Todor (Bulgaria)
Prof. Dr. Kunszt, György (Hungary)
Prof. Dr. Medgyessy, Ferenc (Hungary)
Prof. Dr. Nemcsics, Antal (Hungary) honorary chair of the organizers
Dr. Oberascher, Leonhard (Austria)
Prof. Dr. Palm, Klaus (Germany)
Prof. Dr. Porter, Tom (UK)
Prof. Pos, Osvaldo da (Italy)
Prof. Rizzo, Silvia (Italy)
Prof. Romero, Javier (Spain)
Prof. Dr. Ronchi, Lucia (Italy)
Prof. Dr. Schanda, János (Hungary)
Prof. Dr. Schawelka, Karl (Germany)
Prof. Schmid, Peter (the Netherlands)
Dr. Sève, Robert (France)
Prof. Tonnquist, Gunnar (Sweden)
Prof. Dr. Wenzel, Klára (Hungary)
Prof. Wurmfeld, Sanford (USA)

Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Ákos Nemcsics, chair
Ildikó Rozsovits, secretary
Árpád Szende
Dr. János Zana
László Miskei
Prof. Dr. Hegedűs József
Dr. László Neumann
Erzsébet Maczkó
Péter Ürmös
Ordered list of these committees
The language of the conference is English


The following main topics will be covered:
1. Theory and the colour harmony (harmony systems and models, colour vision, colour preferences etc.)
2. Colour harmony in architecture (architecture, interior decoration, environmental design etc.)
3. Colour harmony in art and design (fine arts, graphic arts, applied arts, arts and crafts, handcrafts, fashion etc.)
4. Colour harmony in the folk art (colouration and toning in the folk architecture, folk wear, folk handcrafts etc.)
5. Colour harmony in the nature (lifeless nature, living nature etc.)
6. Computer technology and the colour harmony (web design, colour displays etc.)


Abstracts should have no more than one page A4 in length. Acceptable file format is Word doc format. The abstracts will be printed in an abstract booklet. The text format can be found on the website of the conference.
Abstracts should by conventional mail or electronically. You may specify whether you would prefer to present your work in the form of a poster or as an oral presentation.
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Papers (four pages) of the conference contributions will be published in a conference compact disk.

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Corrected Proceeding on COLOROID System


Oct. 31, 2006 Abstract submission
Nov. 30, 2006 Decision about the abstract
Jan. 31, 2007 Regular registration
Jan. 31, 2007 Submission of manuscript


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Registration fee

  before Jan. 31, 2007 after Jan. 31, 2007
participant 200 EUR 250 EUR
student 100 EUR 150 EUR



Mailing address:  ICCH'07
International Foundation Light and Colour
1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rakpart 3.
Hungary, Europe
E-mail address:
Phone and Fax: +36- 1-2202618

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