Szín - Fény
Colour - Light
Couleur - Lumière
Farbe - Licht

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Professor Nemcsics, president of Hungarian AIC, was given the Hungarian Order of Merit, Officer's Cross on our National Day, 15th of March. Retired as president on 8th October, 2015

Nemcsics Antal received the AIC CADE Award on his 90th birthday

After 8th October, 2015
President: Nemcsics Ákos D.Sc.
Secretary: Szende Árpád Archigram

Hungarian National Colour Committee; AIC MNB

International Interdisciplinary Conference on Colour and Pattern Harmony
2017 Hungary - Second Circular
Website of the Conference
Cíty of 8 and survey I like food and drinks

Hungarian National Committee of International Committe on Illumination

Academic Committee, Veszprém

MSz 7300 COLOROID Colour System (Hungarian National Standard)

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Lux et colour Vespremiensis
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